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When getting results in an easy path
why take a hard and long path!


How to find out will RPA benefit your company?

Are you stuck at a points that;

  • Where should I use RPA?
  • How much return on investment (ROI) will I get?
  • How to process RPA?
  • How much complex is the process?
  • Which process should I Automate first?
  • How much possible FTE is being saved?
find soluion

Do you want to boost operational efficiences in your business processes? Find a consulting company to observe and interview your employees, consuming their time, work and interfering with their tasks. Wait days and weeks for the reports of the process assessment, and then wait even longer for reviews and recommendations that “will RPA benefit or not?” A list of burdensome and time consuming processes just to check that, is your company business processes eligible for automation or not? Isn’t that exhaustive?


How it will work?

At Feat Systems, we believe that detecting process discovery shouldn’t be long and time consuming process. We have developed a process assessment tools to check your desired results in minutes.

We have used our technology to identify the processes and make automation recommendations as per required. The results show the complete process visibility and percentages.

Our intelligent analytical tools crunches the data, suggesting the best candidates for automation and calculating the time and money that could be saved.

Key Features

All the key features you need to optimize your business processes to automate.

Calculate Process Complexity

Process Complexity Tool can pin out the complexity in the specific process and give the result in words. Process complexity is checked on the basis of standard input, application type, no. of screens, and VDI/Citrix.

Calculate FTE Savings

FTE Savings Tool can calculate the full time employee money by per hour. The calculator estimates the hours saved by RPA by working in place of Full Time Employees into the money saved.


Immediate Results for ROI

Our Process Assessment tools analyzes data and understands more quickly, with immediate recommendations and Options, for you to get quick ROI using automation tools.

Complete Process Visibility and Results

Process Assessment Tool points all your business processes and requirements – including the most and least common alteration. With a complete blue print of your processes, it’s easier to recognize and analyze the most efficient paths and discover opportunities that you may have fail to notice.

Increases flexibility

You can operate the Process Assessment Tool anywhere, anytime, to check the eligibility of the business processes that you want to automate.

Now Get!

Process Assessment Tools can deliver immediate results on process complexity and FTE Saving