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Based on ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC allows software developers to build a web application as a composition of three roles: Model, View and Controller. The MVC model defines web applications with 3 logic layers:

  • Model (business layer)
  • View (display layer)
  • Controller (input control)

The source code now resides on CodePlex. ASP.NET Web Forms was not included in this initiative for various reasons.

Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation


SharePoint Server is provided to organizations that seek greater control over SharePoint's behavior or design. This product is installed on the customer's IT infrastructure. It receives less frequent updates, but has access to a wider set of features and customization capabilities.

Sites: Audience targeting, governance tools, Secure store service, web analytics functionality.

Content: Improved tooling and compliance for document & record management, managed metadata, word automation services, content type management.

Composites: Pre-built workflow templates, BCS profile pages.


AspDotNetStorefront is a powerful eCommerce platform designed build up robust web application for desktops and mobile devices. With customized settings and open source coding its gives you the ability to quickly and easily make changes to your storefront.

  • Theme design – allows you to change theme in real-time, and you can even have multiple themes for a single storefront.
  • Administration – one admin can manage number of store sites.
  • Specific listing – product can be map on all stores or only on specific stores.
  • Modification and customization – any modification or addition can be done according to the need.
Robotic Process Automation

MICROSOFT WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)

WPF supports time-based animations, in contrast to the frame-based approach. This decouples the speed of the animation from how the system is performing.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a graphical subsystem by Microsoft for rendering user interfaces in Windows-based applications. WPF, previously known as "Avalon", was initially released as part of .NET Framework 3.0 in 2006. WPF uses DirectX. WPF attempts to provide a consistent programming model for building applications and separates the user interface from business logic. It resembles similar XML-oriented object models, such as those implemented in XUL and SVG.


"The pursuit of superior customer experience has forced organizations to broaden the scope beyond customer acquisition to all phases of the customer life cycle, and beyond the traditional destination website, to the growing multitude of digital channels.'"

What is Sitefinity and what’s a CMS?

In this context, a content management system (CMS) is software that allows customers to make updates and changes to their website without a web developer. Aptera uses Sitefinity, which is a CMS developed by Telerik.

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Telerik AD (Телерик АД) is a Bulgarian company offering software tools for web,mobile, desktop application development, tools and subscription services for cross-platform application development. Founded in 2002 as a company focused on .NET development tools, Telerik now also sells a platform for web, hybrid and native app development.