ATM Reconciliation Automation

Industry - Leading Private Bank
Implementation Time - Within 5 WEEKS *

Key Challenges

Manually reconciliation of various data information from multiple system applications was contributing to errors, instability, and problems of data integrity.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • The business processes were high in volume.
  • Large and complex data files
  • Reading, formatting, and reconciling data of several files from various systems were involved in the process.
  • In the process, Multi-teams operate in a very tedious and slow method to achieve the turnaround period.

Our Solution

Provided bot automatically reads the data information which was coming from different systems and turns data into reports format seamlessly that enable ATM reconciliation.

  • A high-end architecture was designed for interacting with various applications while keeping the application dynamic.
  • Bot reconciles the ATM EJ log data with Switch & Cash GL, generates reports, and mail them to concerned stakeholders.
  • SQL Server was used for storing the fetch data from various files, which improved the automation stability and performance.

Automation Benefits

Once the solution was implemented the impact was maximum and the benefits of automation can be seen below for the company:

  • The degree of successful throughput increased from 70% to >100%
  • The manual effort was lowered by 90%
  • Significant reduced AHT by 75%
  • Higher standardization of process
  • Makes processing time faster
  • Employees were moved to perform higher-value activities.

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