Cash Application Automation

Industry - Global Logistics company
Implementation Time - Within 5 WEEKS *

Key Challenges

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Tasks had to be completed manually, which was taking a lot of time.
  • Tasks steps involve-
    1. Data retrieval from the user's inbox
    2. Data extraction from different file types
    3. Collating the same in a predefined format in excel
    4. Finally using oracle cash application to submit data
  • Taking a long time to download the input files.
  • Unacceptably high possibility of human mistake

Our Solution

We designed and developed a solution to automate the cash application process using RPA software bots based on customer payments.

  • Bot download the files received in the mailbox
  • Bot identifies files types and retrieves data appropriately, saving it on excel in a standard predefined format.
  • Bot conducts the appropriate formatting for the data and verifies it.
  • After data is uploaded to the Oracle Cash application by the Bot
  • Bot produces a report and sends it to the appropriate stakeholders

Automation Benefits

Here are some benefits of the process after using the RPA solution that helped the customer develop substantial confidence.

  • Robotization level: 100% of the task was automated
  • Reduction of errors to 0% was seen
  • Significant reduction in manual labor
  • Processing time was faster
  • Workers were reassigned to perform higher-value tasks
  • Operational quality was improved
  • Maintains a high degree of consumer satisfaction

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