Cisco Router Configuration Automation

Industry - Leading System Integrator
Implementation Time - Within 3 WEEKS*

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Configuring routers manually was a very boring and tiresome job.
  • It required significant manual processing and involved high operation costs.
  • Frequent human error in the process was causing the loss of time and effort.

Our Solution

The solution was developed to eliminate the configuration of the router manually by automating them through multiple touch-points.

  • The bot reads the input data in excel format.
  • The bot opens the application putty and establishes a connection with the switch.
  • Bot pass the list command and configure the switch.

Automation Benefits

Once the bot was deployed its benefits have made abrupt changes in the process.

  • Robotization level: 100% automation
  • The level of error was reduced to 0%.
  • Enhanced operational service quality.
  • 100% savings on FTE.
  • 3x more fast transaction processing.
  • Keep customer satisfaction at a high level.

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