Cisco Unified Call Manager (CUCM) installation

Industry - Leading System Integrator
Implementation Time - Within 4 WEEKS*

Some of the key challenges were:

  • The process involves substantial manual handling and high operating costs
  • The process requires constant supervision and co-ordination between many departments
  • Involvement of professional skilled resource for the completion of the process
  • There were very high chances of making an error

Our Solution

The solution was created to make individual work steps more efficient through the use of RPA bots which can significantly improve its process.

  • The bot reads the excel file with the list of machines to install CUCM
  • Bot carries out validation and looks for required data, identifies unmatched data and other validations were performed
  • The CUCM installation on the validated data is then started by Bot
  • Also, the installation is monitored until it is successfully completed.

Automation Benefits

Our client obtained some prime benefits from a comprehensive RPA solution that sustainably optimized the process.

  • 100% automation effort taken by the bot
  • No error (0%) in the process
  • Reduction of manual efforts by 15%
  • Faster processing time – 50% of reduction
  • Employee’s resource was used to deal with complex and value-added operations

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