CPU optimization Automation

  • Have you ever experienced being stuck in your system, unable to click, close, or perform any task on your desktop? Imagine the frustration that a big IT company would face if they had to deal with this issue constantly across numerous desktops.
  • Rather than hiring someone to manually clean and maintain each desktop, a unique automation solution would be to implement a RPA bot process for CPU optimization. By receiving input files containing the details of the remote desktop, the bot can connect with the desktop and seamlessly carry out tasks such as disc clean-up, deletion of temp and prefetch files, power configuration, and Window Defender Scan. Once the tasks are completed, the bot can efficiently close the connection with the desktop and send an email notifying that the work has been done.
  • Why waste the time and energy of an efficient human on such repetitive tasks when bots can effectively handle them? This unique approach not only saves time and resources for the IT company but also ensures that the desktops are consistently maintained and optimized for optimal performance.

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