Customer Support Automation

Industry - Leading Banking & Financial services
Implementation Time - Within 4 WEEKS *

Key Challenges

Daily responding to the customer support requests manually leads to delays, consuming time, lengthy, and increasing workload on employees.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Managed and handled by several teams
  • More than 5,000 requests and complaints were at a day, with 4-hour TAT/SLA
  • Manual correlation of complex several data sources
  • For processing, multiple systems associated with interactions
  • Required several handshakes with internal and external teams as well as applications

Our Solution

IRIS solution was able to automate and streamline the entire process by responding to customer support requests seamlessly.

  • IRIS uses self-service support channels that include chatbot, e-mail, and webpage to facilitate customer interactions within the system
  • IRIS activates its AI engine and evaluates interactions in the purpose of intent, sentiment, and analyze the topic
  • AI Engine then sets the suitable interaction for priority and assigns it to the bot agent available (RPA). In exceptional situations, it transfers to the human agent
  • Finally, the bot agent processes the interactions and automatically answers the customer request

Automation Benefits

For the client, Deployed IRIS proved to be the only valuable one-stop-shop solution that was able to transform the entire process under one roof.

  • Manually handling saved by 80% every year
  • 200% + improvement in efficiency
  • Improved service levels significantly from days to the minute
  • Enhance the customer service experience
  • Reduce the workload of employees
  • Employees used in performing another complex higher value-added activity

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