Employee Access Creation Automation

Industry - Private Airline Company
Implementation Time - Within 2 WEEKS *

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Process delays in offering fundamental access for new employees such as domain login, Email access, invitations for Jira
  • In the process, there was an involvement of several teams
  • Human error is highly probable

Our Solution

The bot solution was designed to bring down the manual-intensive aspects of the work and accelerate the processing speed.

  • The bot collects the new employee's information from the mail system
  • Bots create the employee's AD ID, also creates mail ID in Office 365, and sends JIRA application invitation on mail
  • The bot creates a log of activity and mails it to the concerned stakeholder

Automation Benefits

Our RPA solution benefited the client's process leads to outstanding gains in productivity and accuracy.

  • Reduced error to almost nil
  • Improvements in the process competency
  • Increase the satisfaction of employees
  • Ensuring continuity of business
  • Reduction of excess dependence on FTE

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