Feat Systems CRM

FeatCRM is a powerful Open Source contact management solution

Keep your customers in focus. In the office and on the go.

Comprehensive Sales Funnel

FeatCRM enables you to track your leads and opportunities more easily - with its revolutionary kanban view. With its clean and well-structured interface, Featcrm gives you instant visual information about everything you need to know - from your next activities and new messages to your top opportunities and your expected revenues.

Social Network Integration

The integration of social networks enriches your sales process with additional knowledge and valuable information. Insights from LinkedIn help you to find prospects easily and automatically load their data into your FeatCRM address book.

Simplified Lead Management

Using FeatCRM you can create new leads automatically from the email you receive. Featcrm also helps you to analyse leads more efficiently and to compare performance values by campaigns, by channels or by sales team. The improved lead management feature helps you to find duplicates, merge leads and assign them to the right sales persons in one go. That's how Featcrm helps you spend less time with administration and more time with actually qualifying leads.

Organized Opportunities

FeatCRM comes with a clean user interface that gives you all the important information in one view. That way you can organize your opportunities better, and focus on the best deals. The new Opportunities screen allows you to manage all your customer interactions - from emails, phone calls and internal notes up to meetings and quotes. You can follow opportunities that are of special interest to you to get automatic notifications on when a deal is won or lost, when a status has changed or when there is a new customer demand.

Email Integration and Automation

FeatCRM can handle incoming email messages automatically and forwards them to the right person within your sales team. It can generate new leads automatically from incoming messages, notifying the salespersons responsible for them. Featcrm works with all major email applications, including Featmail, Outlook or Gmail. That way you can work with the email application that you use every day and stay productive.


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