IOS Server Restart Automation

Industry - Banking Sector
Implementation Time - Within 3 WEEKS *

Some of the key challenges were:

  • The task needed skills to perform
  • Relied heavily on specific individuals
  • If tasks been performed by the non-specialized individual chances of error was very high
  • Day-to-day activities was been hindered if the task is not carried out or delayed

Our Solution

Since the process was standardized it was easy and simple to design an RPA solution and apply it to the selected work steps.

  • The bot uses an application called putty the open-source terminal emulator
  • It allows sending of the Linux commands to the server from terminating the necessary services and restart the server
  • After restarting, the bot again reboots and starts the terminated services from the server

Automation Benefits

After the process was automated with a conventional RPA tool.The benefits that resulted were flexible, cost-effective, and reliable.

  • 100% automated by the bot
  • Human dependency was taken away
  • 0% error in the process
  • Employees were redeployed to perform other tasks which give business values
  • Provide stability to a company

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