JP refund for UBR (Uniform Business Rate)

Industry - Airline Company
Implementation Time - Within 5 WEEKS *

Key Challenges

The refund team was not able to handle and process the refund for different countries due to a large number of cancellations every day.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Several teams were involved in validating the data and processing the refund.
  • Misinterpretation of data due to human involvement
  • The time taken in performing manually was high
  • Delay in the process adversely impacted customer service and brand image

Our Solution

Our experts analyzed the manual nature of the JP refund process for UBR and implement the RPA BOT for automation that performs to its full potential.

  • Bot retrieves the input data from the mail for validation processing
  • Bot carries out required validation and data checks
  • Bot generates a file for processing refunds in a predefined format
  • Bot uploads the file to the payment portal to process refunds
  • Bot downloads refund process status from the payment gateway and mail it to the concerned stakeholder

Automation Benefits

The deployed RPA solution streamlines and improves the refund process. Here are some benefits that were identified after automation.

  • Bot takes 95% of efforts for automation
  • 0% Error during automation
  • Reduced manual work by 10%
  • 150 hours of efforts saved monthly
  • Accelerates processing time
  • Employee morality increase

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