NEFT/RTGS Reports Automation

Industry - Leading Bank
Implementation Time - Within 2 WEEKS *

Key Challenges

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Reading text files and extracting particular values from S-Reports and U- reports require human dependency
  • Human intervention was slowing down the process
  • Employee error was possible
  • Manual processing the file is more time consuming

Our Solution

Our solution was the RPA bot to execute the process fast without any human intervention and provides the missing reports in an automated fashion.

  • Bot scans all text files in a folder and retrieves amounts from S- and U-reports
  • Bot equates the number of S-reports on the current day to the amount on the previous date
  • In the U-reports bot discovers the missing amount
  • Bot then produces the missing reports for the specified business user

Automation Benefits

Following are the benefits that were impacted by using the RPA solutions in the process.

  • Bot was efficient in handling the process
  • Executed and completed without error
  • Significant improvements in productivity
  • Reduce dependency on human
  • Reworking volume was reduced
  • Employees can now perform more valuable, high-impact activities

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