Non-Maintenance Charge Reversal Process

Industry - Leading Private Bank
Implementation Time - Within 4 WEEKS *

Key Challenges

A major concern was to reverse the non-maintenance charges process manually since it was repetitive, monotonous, and error-prone

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Validating and taking appropriate action on the request for non-maintenance charge reversal using multiple banking applications, was a highly time-consuming job that requires skilled employees, hence becoming individual dependent as well.
  • Also, the involvement of multiple departments causes a delay in the process.
  • Manual processing also makes the process prone to human error.

Our Solution

The solution was provided to reversing the non-maintenance charges through several touchpoints.

  • The bot reads all customer requests from the Siebel application and fetches the requests related to non-maintenance charge reversal.
  • Bot efficiently do necessary validation and check on these requests in Finacle system.
  • The bot takes the appropriate action as per the business rule in the Xelerate system and finally close the request

Automation Benefits

Our client automated the process and got immense benefits from the RPA solution which is seen below:

  • Process controlled with great efficiency
  • Significant gains in productivity
  • Manual labor reduced
  • Decreased volume of reworking
  • Employees were moved to perform better activities.

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