When you want to automate anything fast, you need a platform.

When you want to integrate with anything, anywhere, fast and secure, you need a platform.

When you want to bring your business and IT together, to deliver results fast, at scale, you need a platform.

The platform of platforms has arrived.

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Introduction to PIGEON

Pigeon is a cloud-based end-to-end “Automation AS A Service” platform designed with “automation first mentality” and important attributes of hyper-intelligent automation in mind.

The core objective of building this platform is to provide various business automation solutions that offer end-to-end business process management along with intelligent automation capabilities which gradually transform entire business under one roof.


Business Workflow

Process Orchestration


Decision Making



Document Data Collection


Mundane Tasks

Bot Orchestration

Benefits of PIGEON

  1. INFRASTRUCTURE: Services run on secure cloud platforms like Azure & AWS

    DATA ENCRYPTION: Use base64 bit level encryption to secure your data

    SECURITY AUDITS: Perform it on a regular basis

    SECURITY TRAINING: Teams undergo intensive data security protocol trainingSERVICE LEVEL: Uptime of 99.9% or higher

    SERVICE LEVEL: Uptime of 99.9% or higher

How PIGEON works?

Pigeon platform can be easily set up & configured based on customer needs and integrated with customer frontend as well as backend systems i.e. DB, ERP, CRM, Email, FTP systems.

PIGEON platforms provide the business to link the customer functionalities with the existing workflow through automation technologies like AI, OCR, RPA, and Process Orchestration. A quick understanding of the working of the PIGEON can be seen through the following points.

PIGEON platforms completely focus on and target customer Engagement.

It makes use of hyper-intelligent Automation to address the Automation problems in a workflow exploiting Data Analytics and Process Discovery technologies.

Implementing PIGEON platform for integrated Automation solution can take on an average 1 – 3 weeks depending on Process complexity
PIGEON Setup & Data Mappings: 1-3 weeks
Low complex process: 1-2 weeks
Medium complex process: 3-4 weeks
High complex process: 5-8 weeks

Scale automation to any size.

Our ready to use solutions

With the PIGEON Automation platform, a business can integrate all the workflows and work must faster to improve the efficiency of the overall business. Instead of using Bots for individual activities or automating a small functionality, using an integrated automation platform like PIGEON will save a lot of time and effort.

Two of the massive functionalities of managing Customer queries and Vendor management can be illustrated using PIGEON-iCQRS and PIGEON-iVIPS solutions:

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