Immediate Customer Response plays a prominent role in Customer Satisfaction.

One recent customer service study found that 62% of companies do not respond to customer emails. For companies that do respond, the average response time is 12 hours, with the slowest response taking longer than 8 days.

Less than 10% of customer responses are automated.

It's clear that you have an opportunity to stand out against the competition by adopting modern customer centric response systems.

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Introduction to PIGEON iCQRS

PIGEON-iCQRS is an Omnichannel “Intelligent Customer Query Response System” designed with “customer first mentality” and important attributes of intelligence as well as better customer service in mind. It works for ITSM & CSM both.

With PIGEON-iCQRS, a customer need not wait for 12 long hours but get an instant response to his queries. Using the latest AI and Machine Learning skills and providing an integrated approach, PIGEON can understand your customer’s needs very efficiently. When customers require empathetical solutions for their queries, the Virtual assistant can direct such queries to a human expert whose workload will be tremendously decreased.

Key Objectives

Reduce Queries

Improved self-service channel

Faster Response

Limited human intervention


Using AI and Robotics

Key Features

Live Support

Chatbot backed by the knowledge base and live agent (if needed).

AI Classifier

AI-powered classifier for all offline customer queries


The robot takes first turn to answer customer queries and only routes it to humans in case of exception.

Benefits of PIGEON iCQRS

How PIGEON iCQRS works?

PIGEON iCQRS platforms completely focus on and target customer Queries

It makes use of hyper-intelligent Automation to address the customer query problems in a workflow exploiting Data Analytics and Process Discovery technologies.

Implementing PIGEON iCQRS platform for integrated Automation solution can take within weeks by using DT framework PIGEON-iCQRS Setup & Data Mapping: 1-2 weeks
Low complex process/query flow: 0-1 week
Medium complex process /query flow: 1-3 weeks
High complex process /query flow: 4-6 weeks

Scale customer queries automation to any size

Our ready to use solutions

With the PIGEON Automation platform, a business can integrate all the workflows and work must faster to improve the efficiency of the overall business. Instead of using Bots for individual activities or automating a small functionality, using an integrated automation platform like PIGEON will save a lot of time and effort.

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