TO Process Automation

Industry - Leading FM station
Implementation Time - Within 6 WEEKS *

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Data from several pdf files in another format was extracted manually
  • And that was added same in excel as a radio station into slot-wise was consuming time and was making the process tedious
  • Human errors likely to be high
  • Maintaining a track report is another repetitive activity

Our Solution

The RPA solution was made which meets the criteria and completely takes over the task by being a part of the overarching workflow and improves the process quality.

  • RPA solution uses a regular expression to properly identify the specific PDF format and calls for a particular workflow to fetch the data from it.
  • Fetch data is stored in an SQL database for reliability and faster processing.
  • The required report is collected from SQL DB and forwarded to the individual concerned

Automation Benefits

Our client discovers various benefits when the RPA solution was integrated into their process workflow.

  • 95% of work automated by the Bot
  • No errors were seen
  • Processing time was faster
  • Reduction of manual effort: 90% to 100%
  • 200 hours of efforts saved monthly
  • Processing time was now faster
  • Improvement in the data protection

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