Virtual Machine (VM) Creation Automation

Industry - Leading System Integrator
Implementation Time - Within 4 WEEKS*

Some of the key challenges were:

  • The creation of virtual machines was a very boring and time-consuming process that demanded skilled resources for the execution
  • The volume of the process was high
  • Required significant manual processing and involved high operation cost
  • Frequent human error caused the waste of time and effort

Our Solution

An efficient RPA solution was designed to perform certain steps that made the process work seamlessly.

  • We developed a robust framework that prioritizes and guides the VM creation process seamlessly
  • Created workflows to integrate VM creation process and OS hardening process
  • Without human intervention, the bot creates VM smoothly
  • Updates the details with an output text file and mails them to stakeholders

Automation Benefits

The following are the benefits after switching to RPA that has significantly improved the process and relieve employees from tedious routine work also saved operation costs.

  • 90% effort was automated by the BOT
  • No error in the processing
  • Scalable at the rate of 100% in peak times
  • Keeping the customer satisfied at a high level.
  • Increased productive capacity

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